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discounts deals tours veracruz mexico vacations
discounts deals tours veracruz mexico vacations
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Know the history and charming of this marvelous city.

The Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz, well known actually as Veracruz city, was te first city hall in Mexico, under the government of the Spanish crown during the colonial era.

Discovered and being the first stop of Hernán Cortés, and granted to Francisco de Montejo and Alonso Hernandez de Portocarrero, to be governed by them, was the most important trade and commercial port, because they send the ship's with gold and treasures to Spain from Veracruz port, and actually Veracruz is one of the most important importation and exportation world wide commercial ports.

In the Pirates era, they builded the actually famous San Juan de Ulua fort, to defend the city of the pirates assault.

After this and actually, Veracruz became in one of the most popular and antique cities of all Mexico. During our stay at Veracruz we will admire the san Juan de Ulua fort, the City Hall Palace, lovely views from the pier, admirable places to have adventures, ecological tours and a lot of fun.

You will enjoy the Jarocho's culture, its delicious food, the salsa, the danzon and a lot of typical things that Veracruz have, that are waiting for you.

So do not think it anymore and come to Veracruz.

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Panoramic Archaeological Tour
Only $157 $149.5 USD

Catemaco Tour
Only $227 $204.5 USD

City Tour Large
Only $114 $107.5 USD

City Tour Short
Only $98 $93.5 USD

Cordoba and Orizaba Special Tour
Only $157 $149.5 USD

La Antigua y Zempoala Tour
Only $138 $130.5 USD

Rafting Tour in Jacomulco
Only $114 $107.5 USD

Tajin & Papantla Tour
Only $220 $198.5 USD

Tlacotalpan Tour
Only $149 $141.5 USD

Xalapa & Coatepec Tour
Only $165 $156.5 USD

Gotcha (Paintball) in Cotlamani Activity
Only $35 $30.5 USD

Rafting in Cotlamani Activity
Only $53 $49.5 USD

Rappel Cañon de la Gotera in Cotlamani Activity
Only $30 $25.5 USD

Temazcal in Cotlamani Activity
Only $30 $25.5 USD

Mountain Zip Line in Cotlamani Activity
Only $35 $30.5 USD


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sightseeing tours veracruz

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